Sunday, February 21, 2010

New year 2010

Well..its been gees since ive wrote! Its already Feb of 2010!
iv had atleast 1 21st every weekend ALL year!last couple of weeks i havent drank though,so im proud of myself for that. My diets been up&down lately.Last week i would have to say was the worst iv ever had in my ENITIRE LIFE! i had 3days of like stuffing my face of food till my stomach expanded so much i couldnt sit full on stretched!idno what was going through my headd... :-( So bad...bloated,full & depressed.i struggled training uncomfortable..
Eating has become such a big thing in my life after really has. Every meal/portion is though of. i hate it. i wish i could b like every other normal person or how i use to be before i started competing & not worry about what goes into my mouth!
Well im 21 its 2010! those numbers fit in there somewhere& its my year to rise&shine!
im now single & a free bird. i need to enjoy the happy young times with my friends.&look back knowing how much fun i had in my adolscent times. Im holding out till the end of the year if i do end up competing.If i do..i want to do it 110%. strict & win!

Monday, October 26, 2009

End of comps for 2009

Well Sunday was the very last day for all the comps for 2009.
My bf competed in the ANB nationals on the w.e (Prep-d for 2weeks ONLY!)He came in 3rd.Novice. thats so good! There was 10-12 ppl in his line up &hey would of all prepd fro months & paul came in 3rd beating them all.hes crazy!he dropped about7kgs in thos3 2weeks.His metabolisms a machine!wish i could do that!The guy that won was really good&2nd place.So even if Paul did prep for he usually does 6weeks now,i think he would of stayed in 3rd place.
i weighed myself this morning (57kg) holy cow!!! i do have that time of the month in which i tend to hold onto alot of water.So hopefully its just that,but i cannot NOT!!! i say..go over 55kg thats where i stay under.I didnt train at all on the w.e or yesterday,been eating pretty poo to :-/
Yesterday paul had the day off so we chilled,went out for lunch i had a massive breaky&a milkshake.Then we watched movies eating blueberry danish with icecream& cookies.
Had a spin class this morning.filled it in for my boss. The class was pissed off that she hasnt shown up for alot of her classes & that she should b setting an example as shes the head fitness co-coordinator for Fitness first around this area. Yet they said they prefer me&love my music :-) haha stoked!they like me better than my boss whos taught spin for years!
Anyways i cant wait for 2010! I have a girl that wants me to prep her for May,so looking forward for that & then me all out for nationals! BRING IT ON! im gona reach the peak & get to my top physique,get as lean as a bean! x

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Havent wrote in ages! My bad..
its the 2nd week from comp now.Well howd i go??? mmm not well,but i expected happy i did it.its like a massive load off! I havent even gone crazy with food anyways.which is good.& i still confident wearing a crop top to work ;-) extra bonus!
I just need to maintain this all through summer! Im not training as much now,just doing my classes & weights maybe 2-3x a week.

WNBF ASia-Pacific titles 2009
Sports Model- 7th place (Lucky last)
Figure USA- 6th place
i know i wasnt as lean as the other girls,but i sure did have the muscle mass.
Next year its on! End of year i plan to go hard, top3 for nationals! Win an overall comp.DOING IT 2010's LAURA V'S year.bring it on!!

for now im gona enjoy summer,surf (finally got my mini mal) food & going out.
Love going out with my friends on the weekend.its something i missed & its back now & i love it

Thursday, October 8, 2009

its 5:30am
i cant sleep! I was laying in bed ,tummy rumbling&awake. :-(
My bfs still asleep in my bed,this suck..hopefully i can get a nap in today.
Yesterday ended up being a great 1!Got sequences for my bikini & shit loads of asparagus :-p Nails done&tann. Trained with a crop top &taught my spin class in 1 too,Had loads of energy for the clas,sweet new music & loved many ppl were looking into the class haha.The1 i do at Wanda beach is covered by a glass wall u can see into.
So today i hope goes quick.
im so hungry yet don't wana to give in.its a good hunger pain coz im so close to going on stage &i dont care bout shit food right now.Im lovin the tummy :-) in how its looking hey
Im minding a dog today a baby puggle/cross terrier 1yr old only 10kg till Sunday.cant wait.Yet i wont b here all weekend..well im dead

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

  • You know you are a figure competitor when...
    Someone asks about the man in your life and you tell them that Gym is fineYou have two sections in your wardrobe. On season and Off season...they are not mix and match6Your priorities on any given day: Eat Clean,Train mean .Focus on your goal You can name any pro figure competitor by seeing her butt alone When someone wants to take your picture, you immediately spread your lats, tighten every muscle in your body, point your fingers and SMILEYou take more supplements daily than your 80 year old grandmotherYour idea of dressing up is taking your hair out of the ponytail its been in for a week You have had someone close to you, hide food from you in your own house. An easy day is lifting and only 1 cardio sessionInstead of carrying a Gucci purse you accessorize with a cute little eski(where all ur days worth of food is)Waking up so sore you can barely move puts a smile on your faceYou can't do any work because you are to busy counting down the seconds until your next meal!!The faint smell of ‘Pro Tan’ gets your heart pumping faster than your man's cologneYou leave a little trail of Splenda packets, tupperware, & empty water bottles everywhere you goYour hubby makes you pee in the guest bathroom because every meal includes asparagus.hahaYour jaws are sore because you can't stop chewing sugar free gumYou spend at least 5 minutes grilling your server at a restaurant, and another five minutes re-writing the menu until you've got a meal that meets your diet's specifications...and then you devour it in less than 60 seconds flat You consider a day when you only have to make ONE trip to the gym a luxury
    You need to wee wee atleast 4x in the nightYou think about having "relaxed hands" ,lats out and sticking your butt out while standing in line at the grocery store (Hey, a girl's gotta practice her posing)
    HAVE FUN! This is a sport, but taking it too serious takes half of the fun away, meet new people, goof off, have a ball....after all you've worked hard to get where you are, now it's time to enjoy it!

2days to go!

sorry havent wrote in FOREVER!
well its the week!FINALLY !thought this day would never come.
training is actually hard for once... & im so un-motivated for it..
Been super clean all week!havent cheated since last monday!holding out as long as i can! oz i wana go to watch ANB nationals in a couple of weeks ill b filming/interviewing/photographs everyone for Mikes teams website so cant wait&i wana look hot doing it.
I can defiantly see changer this week!abs r showing i can wear short tight tops :-) which i did last night to the gym.Never got so many looks before.My arms were lean &veiny it was great!
today i feel like absolute SHIT!No carbs all week only protein+broccoli .Life is great :-p
so im doing another federation to what i initially planned to do. WNBF which iv done every other time.Coz i can do Sports model & USA Figure (which u dont have to b extremely RIPPED) which im not.coz iv fkd up so much on diet :-(
NEXT YEAR !i shouldn't of even planned to compete this time ,its like iv been dieting all year!not 100% but mostly! need my body A REST! re-set & get pumped for next year!

I haven't drank" since June then before that January! same with chocolate! im kinda scared to go back there too..

Overdoing it with cardio thats why im getting no response! so il have to stop completly (well apart from my classes) & try eat clean as. then slowly start cardio again. thats fkd hey!fitness instructors get to that plateu were all the work is going to becoming more FIT rather then burning fat :-(
I got a spin class to teach this arvo.. wtf ..i got some new beats (songs) so that hopefully will get me pumped! then for my spray tann.
Just putting more diamonds on my costume atm,,im using the ones from last year (for sports model,baby blue) & this year (for Figure-aqua )-which is the one im loading with diamons so it looks different. haha
This weekend will b a bit of a battle.its a 2day comp,so sports model Saturday,then Sunday
im depleting already,last 3days been having 8 yes 8!litres of water a day.10x to the toilet a night! today's 4 tomorrow 2,then 0 (sips) all weekend.ill b fkd Sunday!
Im so excited!i cant wait!
anyways swill post tomorrow if i remember to see how things go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Contest Time!
If you have been dieting down for a contest, and training twice a day for 10 weeks, you want to be sure everything you consume is what you need, gram for gram. Having a cheat day at least once a week can help keep your sanity during your contest prep. The final two to four weeks before your show are crucial to your chances of winning, and here is what I did during that time.
Competing to win means sacrifice, and when I was dieting for my bodybuilding contest, I didn't cheat the last four weeks.

These thoughts which I ran through my mind is what helped me maintain my focus:

  • Do what your competitors are doing, but do it better.

  • Eat how your competitors are, but eat cleaner.

  • Never miss a workout, and train like your competitors, but train harder and smarter.

  • Most importantly, keep in mind that your time will come when you will be off your contest diet.

Now, while you are dieting and training, keep in mind it will be your time to shine and the stage is YOURS when u get up there!show it off &know to ursef u worked & put in the most effort u possibly could to look the way you do!

(Me& my boy Paul competing at the WNBF Sydney titles May 2009) He won overall Mr Sydney