Monday, October 26, 2009

End of comps for 2009

Well Sunday was the very last day for all the comps for 2009.
My bf competed in the ANB nationals on the w.e (Prep-d for 2weeks ONLY!)He came in 3rd.Novice. thats so good! There was 10-12 ppl in his line up &hey would of all prepd fro months & paul came in 3rd beating them all.hes crazy!he dropped about7kgs in thos3 2weeks.His metabolisms a machine!wish i could do that!The guy that won was really good&2nd place.So even if Paul did prep for he usually does 6weeks now,i think he would of stayed in 3rd place.
i weighed myself this morning (57kg) holy cow!!! i do have that time of the month in which i tend to hold onto alot of water.So hopefully its just that,but i cannot NOT!!! i say..go over 55kg thats where i stay under.I didnt train at all on the w.e or yesterday,been eating pretty poo to :-/
Yesterday paul had the day off so we chilled,went out for lunch i had a massive breaky&a milkshake.Then we watched movies eating blueberry danish with icecream& cookies.
Had a spin class this morning.filled it in for my boss. The class was pissed off that she hasnt shown up for alot of her classes & that she should b setting an example as shes the head fitness co-coordinator for Fitness first around this area. Yet they said they prefer me&love my music :-) haha stoked!they like me better than my boss whos taught spin for years!
Anyways i cant wait for 2010! I have a girl that wants me to prep her for May,so looking forward for that & then me all out for nationals! BRING IT ON! im gona reach the peak & get to my top physique,get as lean as a bean! x

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