Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Contest Time!
If you have been dieting down for a contest, and training twice a day for 10 weeks, you want to be sure everything you consume is what you need, gram for gram. Having a cheat day at least once a week can help keep your sanity during your contest prep. The final two to four weeks before your show are crucial to your chances of winning, and here is what I did during that time.
Competing to win means sacrifice, and when I was dieting for my bodybuilding contest, I didn't cheat the last four weeks.

These thoughts which I ran through my mind is what helped me maintain my focus:

  • Do what your competitors are doing, but do it better.

  • Eat how your competitors are, but eat cleaner.

  • Never miss a workout, and train like your competitors, but train harder and smarter.

  • Most importantly, keep in mind that your time will come when you will be off your contest diet.

Now, while you are dieting and training, keep in mind it will be your time to shine and the stage is YOURS when u get up there!show it off &know to ursef u worked & put in the most effort u possibly could to look the way you do!

(Me& my boy Paul competing at the WNBF Sydney titles May 2009) He won overall Mr Sydney

On track

its been a while since ive wrote hey..
Well its wednesday.Me& paul had our 2year anniversery on monday so he took the day off& we chilled at his house.He bought me a sliver diamond cross for my necklace & i got him a $250 watch! i went overboard hey!
didnt eat too good on the weekend. and didnt train either..
Im not sure on if im competing or not..still gona see what happenes.. this week im on
Diet- M1-M3 = Protein (90g) + Greens (200g) M4-M6 =Protein (90og)
yep 0 carbs. i need to get to the weekend & if i feel that i need carbs i will have 1cup
Gota stay strong & get lean for parklife 3weeks!! & then a week after will b COMP if im in shape.
Training- 1hour cardio am. pm-weights + 20min HARD cardio.
Non weight days am-1hour, p.m -1hour (CARDIO)

Oh my my mood had been insane lately up & down like a yo yo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Less then 5weeks till im up on stage!

Well lets say i fkd up on a MONDAY!!! so dissapointed.under the bridge now though..

so lets catch up..

Last week it was friday night,i was at my best friends bbq,she just got back from overseas,so had all the girls at hers drinking,there was finger food.&i got right into it.Cheese&crackers.I didnt end up going out clubbing with them coz i had to work early the next morning.

Got back home & kept eating.but i stayed clean so that was ok..

Saturday mad sandhills session.In a crop top.worked for an hour hard! So many guys out there haha,didnt mind the looks i was getting either.But i wasnt there for that.i was there to work my ass off& burn most of that shit from lastnight!

Went into the city saturday with my bf& his mate,sorting out our tatoo's.Guy in there was too busy so we didnt et anything done.if he wasnt busy i deadset would of got it!

We stopped at Brighton on the way home for lunch it was about 3 o'clock! I ordered a burger,fries+salad.This was going to be my cheat.It was huge! didnt get all the way through either. Got called to fill in a 4:30pm spin.wow i just ate.bloated now to teach a class.haha oh well WHY NOT! so did that,had a few moments where i felt like i needed to puke.but it stayed down.

Mmm the munchie devil came back to attack,&i hit up the bakery on my way home ,bought 3 things.This mini cheese cake,mini lemon merangue& an apple pie. WTF laura!Ate that in the car on way home.then we had a fahters day dinner,CHINESE! so was eating that.& topped it off with some icecream&cake. dude.... after this the depression kicks in & its the WORST FEELING! yet i keep doing this to my body. why dont i learn from my mistakes?!?! seriosuly.... its a good satisfying feeling at the time,but its soooooo bad when im full.&my mood goes haywire after it.i just blame everyone for everything..This is why i hate eating shit around ppl& in the day coz after im like putting everyone else down coz i feel down.but then at night its worse coz im going staright to bed!& thats what i did :-(

Wo0ke up sunday morning staright to Cronulla (beach) 1hour jog.then had to work 7:30am-5pm. little to eat all day.My punishment!

Went out that night with my friends.danced danced danced!

Monday beginning of the week-beginning of a new start.yeh didn that happen... NO! fuck ...

Did my hour cardio ive got this new thing i do. i run from North croulla to greenhills on the path,then do 5sprints on the grass,run from there to North cronulla on the sand,then up to shelly beach & back to South then walk through the mall,Check out the scene walk past everyone scoffing down cakes & there junk of a breakfast& back to my car. Haha.Its fun..

Did it this morning too.

So i got home monday had my meal 1. I have now 4low days which is NO carbs. Just protein+greens. &3high days which is Purple yeh purple sweet p. for breakfast &post workout. I havent got to the high days yet im waiting till friday for that. Gota punish myself for the monday!

Oh yeh i didnt finish...

so monday... grrrr.... i was starving& couldnt find an alternative. The munchie devil was back to attack AGIAN! seriously i wana kill this dude!!! i was going sweet last week & he came back!!!!

so i tried staying CLEAN! got a bowl of oats& egg white & put a banana in for s trear. bow bow! WRONG THING TO DO. coz from that SUGAR!!! insulin rises& it goes from there :-(

I was full yeh full after that meal but the mind was saying "MORE MORE MORE". Started on some almonds,cashew&dried fruit. i dno why i crave this but i have ever since i started competing. I was going to train with my friend Naomi today& my brain was just in the 'fkd up mode' & i was gona cnacel it coz i was so down on myself.. i even wrote the msg saying i wasnt gona make it.. junk food seriously fks up with ur brain!

but no i had to train! so i got my stuff & left the house.But what did i do on the way,stopped at the corner store &bought a packet of almonds & a banana muffin$1. grrrr. ate it on the way to the gymWe trained. & that was good.till i left.. was wanting MORE food.stopped at a bakery & got an apple pie. Dropped in at my nans to see her&took her out for coffee& what did i order, an ice coffee with icecrea+cream& cheese cake! it didnt even taste good.i had 1/2 & was like OMG STOP!!! ring ring "can u full in a cycle class at 5:30" YES! i killed myself that class,all out.

didnt eat for the rest of the day.

seriously.its craz how eating so clean & then destoring that rythem to eating junk can fk ur brain up so much... & yet i still do it.. i cant just have like 1 bit of something.its gota be heaps till the point where im full & sick.

i dont want to did this anymore...& im scared of whats gona happen after my comp..

its nealr summer & i want a good body more than anything! i just got to find my way around diet! eating clean all the time..

Well im off gota run a circuit class for year 10 students.

i did one last night ,was pretty fun.had a huge class,all different ages.their so nice! loved it

till next time! hopefully next time i write it will be "stuck through with diet" feeling great!

Lv x
The comp im doing.>

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good week. so far

Hello hello.
(Working at the Fitness expo,&me with blonde hair!)
Its wednesday morning.Cardio& meal1 down pact
Had monday off.&gona train everday for the rest of the week. 6weeks out. IM KEEN AGAIN!
Fingers crossed i stick with it this time!!! 5weeks till parklife & 8weeks till Nationals.
Started going for walks with my friend Pete , we walk from Cronulla gym along the esplanade & back for a good hour just over.He competes too but hes just wanting to tone up now for summer.
(Dont we all!)
Been good with diet so far,so need to hold out till saturday.Im gona write down everything i crave & wait.
Im training with my friend Naomi today she competes in figure. So she should give me a push which'll b good. Had a sweet surf yesterday,still heaps cold.Cant wait till summer!!
Lv x