Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Havent wrote in ages! My bad..
its the 2nd week from comp now.Well howd i go??? mmm not well,but i expected that.im happy i did it.its like a massive load off! I havent even gone crazy with food anyways.which is good.& i still confident wearing a crop top to work ;-) extra bonus!
I just need to maintain this all through summer! Im not training as much now,just doing my classes & weights maybe 2-3x a week.

WNBF ASia-Pacific titles 2009
Sports Model- 7th place (Lucky last)
Figure USA- 6th place
i know i wasnt as lean as the other girls,but i sure did have the muscle mass.
Next year its on! End of year i plan to go hard, top3 for nationals! Win an overall comp.DOING IT 2010's LAURA V'S year.bring it on!!

for now im gona enjoy summer,surf (finally got my mini mal) food & going out.
Love going out with my friends on the weekend.its something i missed & its back now & i love it

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