Sunday, February 21, 2010

New year 2010

Well..its been gees since ive wrote! Its already Feb of 2010!
iv had atleast 1 21st every weekend ALL year!last couple of weeks i havent drank though,so im proud of myself for that. My diets been up&down lately.Last week i would have to say was the worst iv ever had in my ENITIRE LIFE! i had 3days of like stuffing my face of food till my stomach expanded so much i couldnt sit full on stretched!idno what was going through my headd... :-( So bad...bloated,full & depressed.i struggled training uncomfortable..
Eating has become such a big thing in my life after really has. Every meal/portion is though of. i hate it. i wish i could b like every other normal person or how i use to be before i started competing & not worry about what goes into my mouth!
Well im 21 its 2010! those numbers fit in there somewhere& its my year to rise&shine!
im now single & a free bird. i need to enjoy the happy young times with my friends.&look back knowing how much fun i had in my adolscent times. Im holding out till the end of the year if i do end up competing.If i do..i want to do it 110%. strict & win!

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